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Syslserve - config

Tag Description Possible Values ParentTag

If this value is set True, Syslserve will also output to the console screen. If False this will not happen.

True / False settings

If this value is set True, Syslserve will store the messages as they come in without any addiitional information, like date/time.

True / False settings

The Maximum filesize of a log file

greater than 0 settings

The output dir is the root directory of the location where the log files are stored. Futher seperation will be defined in the maps.


The Port where syslserve is listening on for incoming messages, by default this is 514.

0 - 65535 settings
maps In maps it is possible to define groups and combine logs based on IP.    
group     maps
  name name defines the name of the group. The name of the group will be used for naming the subfolder below the root folder , defined in the setting: output_dir.    

Contains the IP Address of a device. The IP's that are defined within the group are the devices that have there logs stored in the same group file(s). Rotation settings are applied for all groups the same way.

Devices that aren't defined within any group are by default stored in their on folder with the IP-address as the folder name.


Syslserve Server settings:
   <output_screen> False </output_screen>
   <raw> False </raw>
   <filesize> 1024 </filesize>
   <output_dir> c:\output </output_dir>
   <port> 514 </port>

   <group name="serverpark">
   <group name="routers">

   <group name="workstations">